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DIY “Joy” Sign

If you have the time and a little bit of money, this sign makes a great Christmas decoration or gift.  Get your supplies at local thrift store for even more savings.

Items Needed:

  • Chalkboard Sign with Wood Frame
  • White Craft Paint
  • Twine, Rope, or Ribbon to Hang the Sign
  • Hot Glue to Attach the Rope/Twine/Ribbon
  • Pencil, Paint Brush
  • Computer with Printer

Before working on your image, I would suggest painting your frame in the color of your choice.  I saved this part for last and wish I would have done it first.  I was just so excited to get started that I didn’t want to wait for the paint to dry!

The first thing you will want to do is print out the JOY template I have provided.  Print it to the appropriate size for your project.  My chalkboard was approximately 8×10, so that is what I printed my sign as.  I found that it wasn’t quite small enough, so I cut out the letters and trimmed the excess paper to squeeze them in closer, and it worked out great.


Once you have this printed, color the back of the image outline with pencil.  This will be your stencil.  Once the back is coated with pencil, flip it over and place the letters where you want them to be.  Firmly trace over al of the outlines with a sharp pencil or pen, carefully checking every once in a while to make sure the pencil is transferring to the chalk board.  When finished, it should look like mine pictured below.


The image may be hard to see, so a good light might help your eyes.

After your image is in place, start painting between the lines with the white paint.  A small brush will come in handy here.  If your brush isn’t small enough, carefully cut the tip of the bristles with scissors at an angle, forming a tip in the center.  The image will probably need two coats of paint.

Once the image is dry, it’s time to attach your hanger.  Use hot glue to attach your material of choice in a loop to the back of the center of the sign.



**Originally posted on pinterestinspiration, this was reposted to Mossy Elm. All images are my own.

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