Back to School Wreath

The base of this wreath is half of an embroidery hoop that I scored at a local thrift shop for fifty cents. This is a simple, frugal art project that makes going back to school just a little bit brighter.


1. Choose the foundation for your wreath.  If you are using an embroidery hoop, you can split it apart and only use one piece or keep them together for more stability.  Since I split my hoop, I cut a piece of cardstock slightly larger than my hoop and hot glued it onto the hoop.  This gave the crayons more surface area to attach to.  NOTE: If you are going to use a fabric hanger like mine, you will want to attach it before you glue the cardstock onto the hoop.  I simply tied it around the hoop, then glued the cardstock over the top of it.

Here is the back of my completed wreath. You can see the card stock that I glued to the embroidery hoop.

2. Paint or cover your foundation in a color that you want to show through.  In my wreath and the two inspiration wreaths, there is a gap between the crayons.  I painted my cardstock in a teal color.

3. Wait for your base to dry if necessary.  Choose your crayons and any pattern you may want to use and begin hot gluing them onto your base.  To avoid seeing extra glue on your base, apply your glue in a single line so that your crayon will cover the glue.  If you apply the glue in a large circle, you will see it since the crayons don’t cover the entire surface area.

4. Choose your embellishments.  The options are endless!  Check out the scrapbook section of your local stores, or make your own little decorations.  I chose to make mine out of cardstock, then colored them with marker and colored pencil.  To give my embellishments some added height, I glued a broken crayon onto the wreath then glued the embellishment to the broken crayon.

Fabric bow: I achieved the worn look to my fabric by ripping two strips.  It is easy to do- simply cut a quarter inch into your material where you want your rip to be, then use your muscles for the rest!

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