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DIY Money Organizer

A few months ago my family began using an envelope budgeting system.  We budgeted a set amount of money for various things, and put that money in an envelope.  After a few months of envelopes, I got tired of searching for the correct one, or losing one in my purse and desperately searching for it in the check  out line at the store.  There are organizers that you can buy that are designed specifically for this sort of money organization, but I decided to continue my frugal streak and make my own.

Step 1:

Trace your envelope onto heavy weight paper.  Leave at least a quarter inch gap between the envelope and your line.  Cut a duplicate piece of paper and a triangle or rectangle shape for the flap enclosure.  Cut a third rectangle that you will use later.

Fold  a piece of material with the right sides out.  Lay out your templates with space between each one.  Cut out your material around the templates, leaving a quarter inch gap for seam allowances.

Step 2:

Once your material is cut, sew finishing stitches on the bottom and around the enclosure flap.  Sew a straight stitch between the two rectangle papers.

For added stability, I inserted the heavy weight paper into the middle of the fabric.

Step 3:

Make your dividers.  Fold fabric in half and trace your rectangle onto the fabric, using the fold as one of your edges on the long edge.  The fold will serve as the top of a single divider.  Cut as many dividers as you will need.

Step 4:

Place your dividers, fold side at the top, into the middle of your organizer.


Fold the bottom half of the organizer up over the dividers.  Make sure things line up properly.  Sew the sides shut.  I used a zigzag stitch, which is what I used as my decorative stitch on the enclosure.

Step 5:

A rubber band works well around the organizer, but I used an old button and some decorative yarn to close it.  I attached the yarn below the button, then wrapped it under and over the organizer, twisting it around the button.


Step 6:

Make it your own!  My envelopes fit fine into the organizer, but I decided to label cardstock cut to size.



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