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Tray One of My Clear Aligner Journey

I am in my first week of wearing clear aligners, and so far the process has been a learning experience. There were some surprises I wasn’t expecting and some things I learned the hard way. Overall, I still think the process will be worth the end result of straighter teeth.

Choosing a Type of Clear Aligner

Ultimately, the type of clear aligner you choose is your decision to make. I can’t speak to the various choices out there, since my experience has only been with one company. However, clear aligners and the overall process is similar, so my experiences will likely be very similar to that of someone who opted for a different brand or company.

I chose to go with Dandy aligners, which are available at my local dentist’s office. Dandy aligners seem to have the best of both worlds- the convenience and lower cost of mail-order aligners, yet with the supervision of a qualified dental professional. They are very similar to Byte or Invisalign clear aligners.

The Evaluation Process

The evaluation process was fairly simple. I went to my dentist and they did a 3D scan of my teeth and took some pictures. After a week or so, I went back and reviewed the treatment plan and projected results with my dentist. Once I confirmed that I was willing to proceed, they ordered my first set of trays.

Getting My First Trays

This appointment surprised me a bit. I knew that I needed buttons, or attachments, on some of my teeth to assist the aligners in straightening my teeth. The process took quite a while and wasn’t as smooth as it probably could have been. The result was approximately 10 buttons on my teeth. These buttons are tooth-colored but stick out quite a bit, so they are visible to others if they are within  a couple of feet of you.

Photo of the buttons, or aligner attachments on my teeth.

Once the buttons were attached, my first tray was inserted. The dental assistant had me practice taking them out and putting them in, and I was on my way.

I was given a box containing trays labeled “Tray 2”, which I am to start using after two weeks. In one month, I go back to my dentist for a quick check-up and to get the next 2 sets of trays.

The end result? See for yourself!

Clear Aligners
Tray 1, Day 1

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